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Privacy News

The US government can brand you a terrorist based on a Facebook post. We can’t let them make up the rules | Arjun Sethi

By Arjun Sethi Innocent peoples lives are being ruined. Why isnt anyone watching the watchlist?The US governments web of surveillance is vast and interconnected. Now we know just how opaque, inefficient and discriminatory …read more

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Apple tell developers they may not sell personal health data to advertisers

By Kevin Rawlinson The company has tightened its privacy rules in run up to announcements of new technology expected in SeptemberApple has tightened its privacy rules relating to health apps ahead of next …read more

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Data retention critics alarmed by Australian federal police breach

By Paul Farrell Civil rights groups and security analysts express renewed concern about the Abbott government push to store metadataCivil rights groups, legal bodies and information security experts have expressed renewed concern about …read more

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Cyber Security News

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, August 24, 2014

By Kimberly Pease Important Security Updates
AVG Free Edition: AVG has released version 2014.0.4745 of its 32 bit Free Edition. Updates are available on AVG’s website.
Avira Antivirus: Avira has released version of its …read more

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Cyber Security News of the Week, August 24, 2014

By Stan Stahl Ph.D. Cyber Crime
Hackers Compromise 51 UPS Stores Across the United States: A gang of cybercriminals from Eastern Europe, which is believed to be behind this year’s high profile breaches of Target, …read more

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Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, August 17, 2014

By Kimberly Pease Important Security Updates
Adobe Flash Player: Adobe has released version to fix at least 3 highly critical vulnerabilities in its Flash Player for the Windows and Mac versions. Updates are …read more

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Mission Statement:

Internet users are in need of the ability to manage sensitive data privately.

Standard Clouds’ mission is to deliver a platform that fulfills this need by delivering “forgetful” web services that provide its users the means to control who can access their private data.


Using a patent pending system, Standard Clouds, Inc. delivers a unique solution, a forgetful platform for users to interact online without jeopardizing personal private data. Users will be free to enjoy online activities without losing control of personal information. This revolutionary platform provides a common forgetful ground for the IT industry to either integrate existing web services or create secure and private WEB2.0 services from ground up. Since privacy and data liberation resonates with 2 billion internet users, it is boldly categorized as disruptive innovation, a true game changer.

Patent Information:

The solution described above is patent pending. We reserve all rights with respect to the invention. The protection of the patent and a first-to-market strategy enables us to provide a comprehensive and standard solution for all users seeking a safer platform. The patent application strategically positions us in the leading edge of the cloud computing/ data storage market. The innovation will be leveraged through licensing and other channels. Solution for all users seeking a safer and private platform.

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Chief Data Scientist

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In-house Counsel / Intellectual Property

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Political Consultant

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Business Strategy Consultant

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Bennet Kelley
Legal Advisor

Tim Hoohey
Chief Privacy Officer

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