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Mission Statement – Internet users are in need of the ability to manage sensitive data privately.

Standard Clouds’ mission is to deliver a platform that fulfills this need by delivering “forgetful” web services that provide its users the means to control who can access their private data

Using a patent pending system, Standard Clouds, Inc. delivers a unique solution, a forgetful platform for users to interact online without jeopardizing personal private data. Users will be free to enjoy online activities without losing control of personal information. This revolutionary platform provides a common forgetful ground for the IT industry to either integrate existing web services or create secure and private WEB2.0 services from ground up. Since privacy and data liberation resonates with 2 billion internet users, it is boldly categorized as disruptive innovation, a true game changer.

Patent Information – We reserve all rights with respect to the invention. The protection of the patent and a first-to-market strategy enables us to provide a comprehensive and standard solution for all users seeking a safer platform. The patent application strategically positions us in the leading edge of the cloud computing/ data storage market. The innovation will be leveraged through licensing and other channels. Solution for all users seeking a safer and private platform. Patent #9,167,038

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They were sold on their proximity to Tate Modern. Now the residents of luxury flats are taking the gallery to court, arguing its viewing platform invades their privacy. It's part of a wider hijacking of cultural hotspots by property developersGood walls make good neighbours – but not, it seems, when [...]

Mon, Apr 24, 2017
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Cyber Security

Important Security Updates
AxCrypt: AxCrypt has released version 2.1.1494.0. Updates are available from AxCrypt's website.
Google Chrome: Google has released Google Chrome version 58.0.3029.81. Updates are available from within the browser or from Google Chrome's website.
Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla has released version 53.0. Updates are available within the browser or from Mozilla's website.
Mozy [...]

Sun, Apr 23, 2017
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Individuals at Risk
Cyber Privacy
Cybersecurity for the People: How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest: Planning on going to a protest? You might not be aware that just by showing up, you can open yourself up to certain privacy risks — police often spy on protesters, and the smartphones they [...]

Sun, Apr 23, 2017
Source: Cyber Security Feed


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