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Mission Statement – Internet users are in need of the ability to manage sensitive data privately.

Standard Clouds’ mission is to deliver a platform that fulfills this need by delivering “forgetful” web services that provide its users the means to control who can access their private data

Using a patent pending system, Standard Clouds, Inc. delivers a unique solution, a forgetful platform for users to interact online without jeopardizing personal private data. Users will be free to enjoy online activities without losing control of personal information. This revolutionary platform provides a common forgetful ground for the IT industry to either integrate existing web services or create secure and private WEB2.0 services from ground up. Since privacy and data liberation resonates with 2 billion internet users, it is boldly categorized as disruptive innovation, a true game changer.

Patent Information – We reserve all rights with respect to the invention. The protection of the patent and a first-to-market strategy enables us to provide a comprehensive and standard solution for all users seeking a safer platform. The patent application strategically positions us in the leading edge of the cloud computing/ data storage market. The innovation will be leveraged through licensing and other channels. Solution for all users seeking a safer and private platform. Patent #9,167,038

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King's College London notice about its Prevent duty prompts criticism from student and staff unionsOne of the UK's most prestigious universities has warned students and staff that their emails may be retained and monitored as part of the government's Prevent programme to stop radicalisation on campuses.Campaigners have raised concern after [...]

Fri, Jan 20, 2017
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Surveillance camera commissioner's advice that trusts be required to comply with code to protect patients is rejectedThe government has rejected a request by the surveillance camera watchdog to allow it to monitor the increasing and unregulated use of body-worn video cameras in hospitals.The cameras, which record sound as well as [...]

Wed, Jan 18, 2017
Source: Privacy News Feed

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Important Security Updates
Google Earth: Google has released version for Google Earth. Updates are available from Google's website.
Kindle for PC: Amazon has released version 1.19.1 Build 46084. Updates are available through the Kindle or from Amazon's website.
LastPass: LastPass has released version 4.1.35. Updates are available from LastPass' website.
Opera: Opera has [...]

Sun, Jan 22, 2017
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Individuals at Risk
Cyber Privacy
You've probably never heard of this creepy genealogy site. But it knows a lot about you: Early Tuesday morning, Anna Brittain got a text from her sister: Did she know about The relatively unknown site, which presents itself as a free genealogy resource, seemed to know [...]

Sun, Jan 22, 2017
Source: Cyber Security Feed


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